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Introducing our Organizational Members

The Organic Fruit Growers Association (and previously OTFA) has been connecting fruit growers with each other since 2004. We have a helpful community where growers discuss issues, challenges, and successes related to fruit growing, we share information about tools, methods, and opportunities. We help each other with operations management, grant application, and marketing.

As we go through the seasons, planning, pruning, planting, caring for the soil and our trees, bushes, canes, or runners, we often take advantage of products and services offered by other not-for-profit organizations and businesses, and we share our experiences, make recommendations to other growers.


We are excited to finally connect those who support our industry with our growers more directly through our organizational membership option. Check out the below providers, recommended by growers like you!

diana shipman headshot.jpg
Diana Shipman
Associate Director of Volunteer Programs


Farmer-to-Farmer Program

ACDI/VOCA is a non-profit, international development organization based in Washington DC. We have implemented effective economic and social development projects around the world since 1963. Our mission is to achieve better lives for people and communities by increasing economic prosperity and social inclusion.

ACDI/VOCA has been a key implementer of the Farmer-to-Farmer Program since its inception in 1985.

Volunteer opportunities updated: November 23, 2020.

diana shipman headshot.jpg
Craig M. Dick


Fruit Harvesting Machines for Small Orchards

Ruralistic, a new distributor of agriculture goods and content, announces it is importing and distributing Huemer Fruit Harvesting Machines for fruit and nut growers for the 2020 grow season. 

Most fruit harvesting machines marketed in the U.S. are targeted at large commercial growers. Huemer Fruit Harvesting Machines are different. They are built with small commercial growers, hobbyists, and acreage owners in mind.

Check out the different available options!

Is there a company, organization, or individual who helped you out in your fruit-growing journey? Do you think they could help others with their farm operations or individual development? Let us know! Organizational Membership is a great way to connect key players in our industry.

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