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OFGA Listserv
OFGA staff

Since the beginnings of OFGA as OTFA, we have been maintaining an online group that brings together members and those interested in fruit growing and what we do. This allows participants to send emails to a group email address, and receive responses from everyone else in the group. For example, we have talked recently about winter sunscald prevention, shared event information and news about other relevant associations. We often see photos of insects or diseases, and there is always someone who can help identify and solve the problem.

If you would like to join this free service, contact us for an invitation. Make sure to introduce yourself and let us know why you are interested in joining our group! We are not trying to make this difficult, we are just trying to keep the group free of robot advertisements and unsolicited emails from random marketers.

Once you contact us, the OFGA coordinator will be in touch within a day or two with instructions about what to do next. Sometimes group emails will get delivered to your "spam" folder initially, but we can help you figure out any technical issues as well.

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