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Fruit Harvesting Machines for Small Orchards

Fruit Harvesting Machines for Small Orchard Owners Imported for the First Time
Austrian built, labor-saving fruit harvesting devices now available throughout North America from Ruralistic.

Ruralistic, a new distributor of agriculture goods and content, announces it is importing and distributing Huemer Fruit Harvesting Machines for fruit and nut growers for the 2020 grow season. 

According to Ruralistic President Craig Dick, most fruit harvesting machines marketed in the U.S. are targeted at large commercial growers. Huemer Fruit Harvesting Machines are different. They are built with small commercial growers, hobbyists, and acreage owners in mind.

Engineered with no wear parts and built from stainless steel and backed by a 2-year warranty. Huemer machines are professional-grade on a budget. They reduce the time and labor needed to collect apples, pears, apricots, and more. "I needed a low cost, fast, efficient, cost-effective way to collect the dropped apples from my trees, and this is the only viable option out there," states Dick.

"When I saw the video of these machines, I had to have one. When I went to purchase one I couldn’t find anyone in North America selling them," adds Dick. "I contacted the company and we now have a shipping container of these machines that will be delivered to our warehouse this month. Many of them are already sold or spoken for."

Available machines may still be purchased via credit card or money order at https://www.Ruralistic.Co.

Fall Opportunities Update

It is fall and now is a great time to banish mummies from your orchard! Of course, we are not talking about the spooky bandaged wrapped Egyptians that are out at Halloween, but the old fruits and nuts still hanging in your trees.

Removing mummies is the most important part of tree hygiene, and skipping this important step will leave a major source for disease infestation next year. So now is a great time to shake your trees and clear them of any remaining fruit or nuts.

Huemer Obsterntetechnik brings you tried and tested tree shakers (below in gallery), a perfect option for large hobbyists or small commercial orchards and farms. It can be used as an apple shaker, pear shaker, plum shaker, apricot shaker, and nut shaker, as well as for many other types of fruit.

It attaches via 3-point and works off of the PTO shaft and will make quick work of dropping fruit. The fruit shaker is attached to a trunk or branch with a 40-foot long and 8mm thick steel rope with the included strap to preserve the bark.

Contact us at for a delivered quote — we have units in stock and ready to ship!


Launched March 2020, Ruralistic.Co is a one-stop resource for high-quality goods that covers every aspect of modern acreage living; property, home, style, entertainment, and anything in between. Through entertaining and insightful daily updates, Ruralistic helps you navigate rural living in a modern way. For more information, contact President Craig Dick at or 515.240.3347.

Check out the gallery images below and the press release website here: Huemer Press Release for videos of how these work!

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