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We update this section quarterly. Last update: October 21, 2020

Just Picked!

Our quarterly newsletter, Just Picked! is published online and distributed to our members in January, April, July and October. It contains organic fruit growing-related articles, opportunities for growers and researchers, event listings and recaps, and also a column by the coordinator about association matters. This column, From the Coordinator's Desk, is published here the month after the newsletter is published.

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We update this section quarterly. Last update: October 21, 2020

Just Picked!, our quarterly newsletter, is a great resource for opportunities in the field. Researchers, non-profit organizations, other businesses and individuals often look for fruit growers who can help with specific requests. These range from business opportunities for growers through mentoring to participation in research by universities. Whether you are ready to lead a workshop, looking for a mentor or seeking out-of-the-box business ventures, we're here to help.

* Our members don't have to wait for the newsletter to come out and this section be updated, they receive email information about these (and other) opportunities as they arise.

** For privacy reasons, the online version of these opportunities does not include contact information. Please contact us if you're interested.

Opportunities from the latest Just Picked!

New Partnerships to Share Knowledge and Experience by Diana Shipman, Washington, D.C.

Fruit Collecting Machines for Small Farms by RURALISTIC

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