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Member Map

Use the below map to find a local organic fruit farm! If you are in the Upper Midwest region, you are sure to find a fruit farm not too far. From apples and pears through apricots and peaches to every kind of berry, and sometimes even vegetables or livestock, connecting with our growers can bring you the healthiest food available locally. Many of our members offer events or farm tours as well, so check out their website for more information!

If you are not in the Midwest, don't give up your quest for great fruit! Many growers ship fresh fruit or preserved fruit products, you can contact them directly to find out more, or contact OFGA to reach all of our members with your question. Our community reaches way beyond the members shown on the map. We have been able to connect customers with local fruit growers thousands of miles away from our main member area, and we are continuously growing, adding more members to this map.

Member Map - 2020

Check out our member map below! We are updating it throughout the year to ensure that all members who wish to be listed here are accurately represented.

Keep in mind that only a small fraction of our members are shown on this map and in the lists below. Some are involved in organic fruit-related research, but do not have their own farm, others are hobby gardeners, and many of our members simply choose not to advertise their products and services through our website. If you are looking for a specific fruit or other organic product but don't see it on this list, contact us and we'll be happy to connect you with someone who can help. If you know someone who should be on this list but isn't, let us know about that, too! 


Member List - 2020

Find out more information about our active grower members below!

We have collected farm names, contact details, and approximate location in the first table. The second table allows you to search for specific information (U-pick, certified, apples) or sort the information by any column (vegetables available, farm tours).

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